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Okay, so im really fairly new at Visual C++ because I really dont want to stick with CodeBlocks because I have the feeling that Visual C++ is better for making Windows programs (Im use to the Visual Basic layout so Visual C++ helps)

Im trying to link libcurl into my project but really have no idea how to do it considering its a new program.

I got to add the "include" folder to it by going selecting my project > Properties > Linker > General > "Additional Library Directories" > and adding the location of the "include" folder but thats pretty much it.

I need to add the rest but have no idea. Any help would work...


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Step 1 is to point to directory that has the library, which you have already done.

Next step is to just add that library name here:

Project -> Properties -> Linker -> General -> Additional Dependencies

To see what flags are passed to the linker:

Project -> Properties -> Linker -> Command Line

To get detailed information on what the linker is doing:

Project -> Properties -> Linker -> General -> Show Progress -> Display all progress messages (/VERBOSE)

Hope this helps.

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