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The title already tells what I want. Think about this example.

I want to download ubuntu ISO. I go to Ubuntu site and get the list of mirrors. There I found my neighbor country has a mirror hosted. So I select that mirror which is geographically closest to my country. Start downloading. But I get very slow speed. Now one of my friend tells me to select a different mirror which is actually geographically far away from me. But now I am getting good speed.

Now in linux how can I find the fastest mirror? I have a list of hostnames in a text file like


What have I tried?

I see the same functionality in Ubunut's mirror selection dialog. I tried ping on every host and save the time. Then I choose host with the lower latency. But its not speedy. Its closeer.

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Find a file on the servers, preferably in a known location. Download the first 16kiB. Time it. Pick whichever one takes the least time.

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Have a look at Gentoo's mirrorselect which is meant to do exactly that.


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+1. I was expecting a C project. But python in not bad. – shiplu.mokadd.im Dec 16 '12 at 7:26

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