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Is it possible to commit and push changes from one branch to another.

Assume I commited changes in BRANCH1 and want to push them to BRANCH2.

From BRANCH1, is it valid to do:

git push origin **BRANCH2**

And then reset BRANCH1?

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That will almost work.

When pushing to a non-default branch, you need to specify the source ref and the target ref:

git push origin branch1:branch2


git push <remote> <branch with new changes>:<branch you are pushing to> 
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Do both branch1 and branch2 need to be on the remote? What if you want to push from local branch1 to the remote origin branch2? – orad Oct 7 at 20:10
@orad: No. The first part is actually just an identifier for a local commit; it doesn't even need to be a branch. – SLaks Oct 7 at 20:18
What if I want to push one remote branch to another without checking out the former branch first? – abhisekp Oct 18 at 0:05
@abhisekp: Use the same syntax. To refer to the source branch, use <remote>/<branch> – SLaks Oct 18 at 0:06
@abhisekp: Do exactly what I just said. The current branch is completely irrelevant. – SLaks Oct 18 at 0:10

Certainly, though it will only work if it's a fast forward of BRANCH2 or if you force it. The correct syntax to do such a thing is

git push <remote> <source branch>:<dest branch> 

See the description of a "refspec" on the git push man page for more detail on how it works. Also note that both a force push and a reset are operations that "rewrite history", and shouldn't be attempted by the faint of heart unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing with respect to any remote repositories and other people who have forks/clones of the same project.

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