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I have a table and can count the number of rows using var count = $("table tr").length;

Basically, I have up and down arrow controls to reorder the rows in the table. I do not want the down arrow to appear for the last row and similarly the up arrow to appear for the top row.

Is there a way to refer to specific rows in the table so that I can prevent this?


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$("table tr:first") and $("table tr:last") will return the first and last rows respectively.

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a jQuery object is an array of all matching elements, so...

var rows = $("table tr");
var firstRow = rows[0];
var lastRow = rows[rows.length - 1];
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Thanks. The last thing I'm still slightly confused about is combining explicit selectors with variables. eg $(lastRow "img").hide(); – Dan Sep 7 '09 at 15:33

I believe the selector itself $(...) returns an array, so you should be able to iterate through all objects in your script.

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