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I am a field service technician and I have an inventory of parts that is either issued to me by the company I work for or through orders for specific jobs. I am trying to design a website to manage my parts, both on-hand inventory and parts that have been returned or transferred to someone else. Here is the information I need to track:

  • part number(10 digit)
  • req number(8 digit, unique)
  • description(up to 50 characters)
  • location(Van or shed).
  • WorkOrder("w"+9 digits ex: 'W212141234')
  • BOL(15 digit bill of lading #)
  • TransferDate(date I get rid of part)
  • TransferMethod(enum 'DEF','RTS','OBF')

I will probably use PHP to make a website and interact with the MySQL database.

What is the best design? A multi-table approach or one table with webpages that display queries of only certain fields? I need a list of on hand parts that list part number, req number, description, and location. I will also need to be able to have "defective returns" view that will list what parts I returned as DEF with all the remaining fields filled in.

Besides the "on hand" fields, the rest of the fields won't have data until they are no longer "on hand".

I really appreciate any help because I am new to both SQL and PHP. I have experimented with Ruby on Rails and django but I am not sure if I need to tackle all that at this point.

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Even though you give some information on your issue, it is hard to actually approach it as the question itself on "what is the best design" is vague.

What I would do is this:


Table parts

req number(int(8), unique, KEY) 
part number(int(10))
location(enum 'Van','shed')
TransferMethod(enum 'DEF','RTS','OBF')
onhand (boolean)


and then i would make 2 php scripts with a single query each and a table displaying the info


select *fields filled for on hand parts* from parts where onhand = 1


select *fields filled for not on hand parts* from parts where onhand = 0
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Thank you. The on hand Boolean field is something I hadn't thought of. I will work on this and see if I run into any more issues. – Darrell Dec 16 '12 at 3:31

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