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I am trying to launch a function after the previous functions has ended. The .SideArea div, is going to display: none efter the animation of .sideShowing, #page has ended, but instead the display:none part is ignored.

Heres my code.

    $("#SideMenuButton").click(function() {
        var SideArea = $(".SideArea");
        if (SideArea.css('display')!=='block') {
            var move = 260;
            $(".sideShowing #page").stop().animate({left:"+="+move},{queue:false,duration:150});
            $("body, #viewport").css('min-height','600px').css('max-height','600px');
        } else {
            $(".sideShowing #page").stop().animate({left:"0"},{queue:false,duration:150}, function() {

            $("body, #viewport").css('min-height','800px').css('max-height','');

It is the

$(".sideShowing #page").stop().animate({left:"0"},{queue:false,duration:150}, function() {

part, where the display: none is ignored. I want the function to start when the previous animate-function has ended but it doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

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That is the intended behaviour of queueu:false. Maybe you want to remove that? –  Wolph Dec 16 '12 at 3:34

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With this form of animate(), the complete callback is specified as a property of the second argument (the options map), not as a third argument.

$(".sideShowing #page").stop().animate({left:"0"}, {
    queue: false,
    duration: 150,
    complete: function() {
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