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I have a dataframe a, with A, B, C are separate entries

Source Target N
A B 100
A D 200

I have another dataframe b for entries' attributes

Name Rate1 Rate2
A  0.1 0.2
B  0.2 0.3

I want to calculate a new column Flow in a, as it is calculated row based by Flow = a$N * b[Name == a$Source]$Rate1. I tried to use apply by row, but I felt it's slow. Is there a faster way?

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Here's a fairly expressive solution, fairly similar to the code you tried:

>  a$Flow <- a$N*b$Rate1[ match(a$Source, b$Name) ]
> a
  Source Target   N Flow
1      A      B 100   10
2      A      D 200   20

The match function is the basis for merge and %in%. It is particularly useful for constructing index vectors to pick from alternatives.

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I think this is what I looking for. Thanks! – Seen Dec 16 '12 at 23:14

I don't know what you have tried with apply, but here an answer with merge and transform

  transform(merge(a,b,by.x = 'Source',by.y ='Name'),flow = N*Rate1)

  Source Target   N Rate1 Rate2 flow
1      A      B 100   0.1   0.2   10
2      A      D 200   0.1   0.2   20
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