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I have a Backbone.Marionette app configured using the AppRouter as well as the EventAggregator.

The initializer starts the router, and then history. I know for sure that my EventAggregator is set up properly - MyVent.trigger('abc') works properly in the console. The AppRouter also seems to be working properly as navigating to an undefined URL results in a 404, as expected.

Am I missing something?


  //do stuff here

  router = new MyRouter(MyController);
  console.log('routing started!');
  MyVent.trigger('routing:started'); <-- this works

MyVent = new Backbone.Marionette.EventAggregator();

MyVent.on('contactUs', function(){
  console.log('ContactUs received by MyVent!');
MyVent.on('bookNow', function(){
  console.log('BookNow received by MyVent!');
MyVent.on('home', function(){
  console.log('home received by MyVent!');
  console.log('after starthome on myvent');
MyVent.on('routing:started', function(){
  console.log('routing:started recieved at MyVent!');
  if( ! Backbone.History.started) Backbone.history.start();
  console.log('Backbone.history sucessfully started!');

MyController = {
    console.log('home receieved at mycontroller');

MyRouter = Backbone.Marionette.AppRouter.extend({
  controller: MyController,
  routes: {
    '' : 'homeMethods',
    'tours' : 'toursMethods',
    'booknow' : 'booknowMethods',
    'contactus' : 'contactusMethods'
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WOW! What a stupid mistake - at least I'm getting faster at identifying these.

Declaring routes in AppRouter, is different than in the Backbone router.

Marionette: appRoutes

Regular Backbone: routes

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Talked to Derick Bailey, the creator of Marionette, about this last night. He confirmed what I had suspected. –  snakesNbronies Dec 17 '12 at 8:43
I also found the same problem if I had a route called 'home'. If I renamed it to 'index' then it would start working. –  simbolo Mar 26 '13 at 14:54

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