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Is there a way of linking to an external website through YouTube Videos, by creating annotations links?

That is, the link is embedded in the video. An example of what I want is given in this video. When viewed, there's a link in the bottom left corner.

It can be done with 'LinkedTube' but it is not 'annotations' style.

I searched the Youtube API also but didn't find anything related to annotations control.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Youtube prohibits external links by default, but it is still possible to insert the external link. To do so you have two options:

  1. Have a paid account
  2. Buy some amount of ad

I think you have to contact youtube sales to discuss the details.

P.S.: We used external links here, check out the top right corner of the video.

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You can do it if you uploaded the video to your YouTube account.

In settings, you'll enter the link and text to be displayed when your video plays.

There are a few tutorials on YouTube that show exactly what steps to do, like this one.

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