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I am using opera driver with opera version 12.11.The code I use for starting the opera is :

                DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
                capabilities.setCapability("opera.log.level", "CONFIG");
                capabilities.setCapability("opera.port", -1);
                capabilities.setCapability("opera.profile", ""); 
                driver = new OperaDriver(capabilities);

It opens the the opera browser and my test runs fine.But when I open a new window by clicking some link or by using some other way It opens the window in same page so switching to window fails. Can somebody suggests me some workaround for this?

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May be the link is supposed to open in the same page? Does it behave differently when performing the same steps manually? –  Amey Dec 20 '12 at 21:03
Yup..When I perform the same step manually it opens the page in new window. –  Abhi_Mishra Dec 21 '12 at 4:58

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