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I have an Ember method which fires when when new data arrives:

insertDays: function() {
}.observes('startDate', 'doctor.appointments.length')

I want to check to make sure the data is actually there before I execute any heavy code. To do this I currently use:

var length = doctor.get('appointments.length')
if (length !== 0) {

However, there are occasionally times where there is legitimately no data being handed down from the server, and in this case my !== 0 test fails, and the code doesn't execute when I want it to.

I've tried using the .isLoaded method but it always returns true regardless.

How do I effectively tell if an Ember resource is still loading?

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isLoaded method should suffice, can you post the code on how do you perform isLoaded ? –  Mudassir Ali Dec 16 '12 at 15:55
Got it! There's a few things going on here. In my scenario, listening to .observes('startDate', 'doctor.appointments.isLoaded') worked perfectly. Elsewhere in the program, addressing .isLoaded inside of the function worked as expected (returning false the first time, and true the second). Thanks! –  Chris Nolet Dec 17 '12 at 4:59

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I got this working by using .isLoaded as an .observes property.

The code is now structured as follows and works as expected:

insertDays: function() {
}.observes('startDate', 'doctor.appointments.isLoaded')

Elsewhere in the program I was able to use the following code to ascertain whether the data had loaded:

var isLoaded = appointments.get('isLoaded');

Thanks to @Unspecified for steering me in the right direction. Cheers!

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