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I am testing a Android UI using monkeyrunner. I am successful in starting a activity using MonkeyRunner using startActivity(component). But now I want to click a Button on my UI named 'Example' using following code:




When I run this python script, upon reaching this line my script ends with error


TypeError: _init() takes at least 3 arguments (2 Given)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in Advance

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A view with name Entry can be pressed using following line in monkey runner

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This is ViewClient's init signature and epydoc:

def __init__(self, device, serialno, adb=None, autodump=True, localport=VIEW_SERVER_PORT, remoteport=VIEW_SERVER_PORT, startviewserver=True):

    @type device: MonkeyDevice
    @param device: The device running the C{View server} to which this client will connect
    @type serialno: str
    @param serialno: the serial number of the device or emulator to connect to
    @type adb: str
    @param adb: the path of the C{adb} executable or None and C{ViewClient} will try to find it
    @type autodump: boolean
    @param autodump: whether an automatic dump is performed at the end of this constructor
    @type localport: int
    @param localport: the local port used in the redirection
    @type remoteport: int
    @param remoteport: the remote port used to start the C{ViewServer} in the device or
    @type startviewserverparam: boolean
    @param startviewserverparam: Whether to start the B{global} ViewServer

As you can see, init takes at least 2 arguments: device and serialno. All the other arguments are optional. In most of the cases these arguments are obtained from ViewClient.connectToDevice():

device, serialno = ViewClient.connectToDeviceOrExit()
vc = ViewClient(device, serialno)

IMPORTANT: You should connect to your device only once. You only need MonkeyRunner.waitForConnection or AndroidViewClient.connectToDeviceOrExit not BOTH!

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After applying the above changes, my activity is not starting and command prompt is static showing 121216 15:33:29.016:I [MainThread] [] Monkey Command: wake. There is no furthur response – Rohit Jindal Dec 16 '12 at 10:04
May be a Chimpchat bug. Try restarting adb: adb kill-server – dtmilano Dec 16 '12 at 10:25

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