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I wrote some awk script to process some data, and found the result unexpected.

I found the root cause is that the following string comparison is not correct

echo "59558711052462309110012 59558711052462313120012"|awk '{print $1;print $2;print ($1==$2)?"eq":"ne"}'

The result is


I guess the reason is that awk treats the two numeric strings as numbers, and cuts off them to compare. My question is that how can I strictly compare the two strings in awk.

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Force a string comparison by telling awk that at least one of the operands IS a string by concatenating that operand with the null string:

echo "59558711052462309110012 59558711052462313120012"|
awk '{print $1;print $2;print ($1""==$2)?"eq":"ne"}'
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didnt realize that. –  Blue Moon Dec 16 '12 at 16:05

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