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I am using a jquery countdown plugin from http://tutorialzine.com/2011/12/countdown-jquery/

i need to make a small mod on it,. such that, for every 5 secs,. the scripts makes a ping to a certain url, which returns either the remaining time or a timestamp and the counter needs to update itself based on the timestamp received from the url

the js code currently is


        // Number of seconds in every time division
        var days    = 24*60*60,
                hours   = 60*60,
                minutes = 60;

        // Creating the plugin
        $.fn.countdown = function(prop){

                var options = $.extend({
                        callback    : function(){},
                        timestamp   : 0

                var left, d, h, m, s, positions;

                // Initialize the plugin
                init(this, options);

                positions = this.find('.position');

                (function tick(){

                        // Time left
                        left = Math.floor((options.timestamp - (new Date())) / 1000);

                        if(left < 0){
                                left = 0;

                        // Number of days left
                        d = Math.floor(left / days);
                        updateDuo(0, 1, d);
                        left -= d*days;

                        // Number of hours left
                        h = Math.floor(left / hours);
                        updateDuo(2, 3, h);
                        left -= h*hours;

                        // Number of minutes left
                        m = Math.floor(left / minutes);
                        updateDuo(4, 5, m);
                        left -= m*minutes;

                        // Number of seconds left
                        s = left;
                        updateDuo(6, 7, s);

                        // Calling an optional user supplied callback
                        options.callback(d, h, m, s);

                        // Scheduling another call of this function in 1s
                        setTimeout(tick, 100);

                // This function updates two digit positions at once
                function updateDuo(minor,major,value){

                return this;

        function init(elem, options){

                // Creating the markup inside the container
                        $('<span class="count'+this+'">').html(
                                '<span class="position">\
                                        <span class="digit static">0</span>\
                                <span class="position">\
                                        <span class="digit static">0</span>\

                                elem.append('<span class="countDiv countDiv'+i+'"></span>');


        // Creates an animated transition between the two numbers
        function switchDigit(position,number){

                var digit = position.find('.digit')

                        return false;

                if(position.data('digit') == number){
                        // We are already showing this number
                        return false;

                position.data('digit', number);

                var replacement = $('<span>',{

                // The .static class is added when the animation
                // completes. This makes it run smoother.


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Have you tried an ajax request, saved the new timestamp, then re-initialize the plugin with the newly saved timestamp? –  bobthyasian Dec 16 '12 at 9:32
important to know if url is same domain or not –  charlietfl Dec 16 '12 at 10:21
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