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Possible Duplicate:
Which compression method to use in PHP?

It seems that PHP has many functions for making smaller strings out of strings. These functions are called inflate/deflate, encode/decode, and compress/uncompress. Some of them seem compatible with each other, as all are base on the zlib library. What is the differences between them, and when to use each?

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As stated in the function documentation linked to from the page in your link:

  • gzdeflate - use the 'clean' DEFLATE algorithm with the deflate data format.

  • gzcompress - use the ZLIB data format that add extra header and trailer data on the DEFLATE algorithm. As to RFC 1950 it "can be easily extended to use other compression methods".

  • gzencode - use the gzip application data format that includes some more header data over the ZLIB format.

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Thanks, Amotzg! – dotancohen Dec 16 '12 at 11:35

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