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I'm trying to find out whether a Java TCP Socket is currently connected, the following just seems to tell me whether the socket has been connected at some point - not whether it is currently still connected.


Any help appreciated, thanks.

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Assuming you have some level of control over the protocol, I'm a big fan of sending heartbeats to verify that a connection is active. It's proven to be the most fail proof method and will often give you the quickest notification when a connection has been broken.

TCP keepalives will work, but what if the remote host is suddenly powered off? TCP can take a long time to timeout. On the other hand, if you have logic in your app that expects a heartbeat reply every x seconds, the first time you don't get them you know the connection no longer works, either by a network or a server issue on the remote side.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/865987/do-i-need-to-heartbeat-to-keep-a-tcp-connection-open for more discussion.

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  • socket.isConnected() returns always true once the client connects (and even after the disconnect) weird !!
  • socket.getInputStream().read()
    • makes the thread wait for input as long as the client is connected and therefore makes your program not do anything - except if you get some input
    • returns -1 if the client disconnected
  • out.checkError() is true as soon as the client is disconnected so I recommend this.
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What is out in "out.checkError()"? Do you mean System.out? I don't think that will work. –  RoboAlex May 17 '13 at 20:29
Incorrect. 'checkError() tells you whether there has been a prior IOException when using the socket. It does not become true 'as soon as the client is disconnected'. -1 –  EJP Aug 16 '13 at 22:10

You can also use isClosed() method which chcecks if socket is closed. But as far as i remember using isConnected() should do the work.

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Not true, isConnected() signifies that the connection has been established once. If the socket is closed from the sever, isConnected() would keep returning true. isClosed() will return false only if the socket was closed explicitly by the client. –  SiN Jan 26 '12 at 17:27

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