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I'm trying to find out whether a Java TCP Socket is currently connected, the following just seems to tell me whether the socket has been connected at some point - not whether it is currently still connected.


Any help appreciated, thanks.

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Assuming you have some level of control over the protocol, I'm a big fan of sending heartbeats to verify that a connection is active. It's proven to be the most fail proof method and will often give you the quickest notification when a connection has been broken.

TCP keepalives will work, but what if the remote host is suddenly powered off? TCP can take a long time to timeout. On the other hand, if you have logic in your app that expects a heartbeat reply every x seconds, the first time you don't get them you know the connection no longer works, either by a network or a server issue on the remote side.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/865987/do-i-need-to-heartbeat-to-keep-a-tcp-connection-open for more discussion.

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  • socket.isConnected() returns always true once the client connects (and even after the disconnect) weird !!
  • socket.getInputStream().read()
    • makes the thread wait for input as long as the client is connected and therefore makes your program not do anything - except if you get some input
    • returns -1 if the client disconnected
  • out.checkError() is true as soon as the client is disconnected so I recommend this.
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What is out in "out.checkError()"? Do you mean System.out? I don't think that will work. –  RoboAlex May 17 '13 at 20:29
Incorrect. 'checkError() tells you whether there has been a prior IOException when using the socket. It does not become true 'as soon as the client is disconnected'. -1 –  EJP Aug 16 '13 at 22:10

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