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I want to hand-write my POCO's as simple classes with virtual properties so that the entity framework can generate proxies. I will enable proxy creation (which is on by default) so I can have change tracking and lazy loading.

My question is: can I have them?

More specifically, I noticed that the POCO template generator generates classes with a FixupCollection<T>. Is that necessary to have? If I make the navigational properties in my simple hand-written POCO a virtual IEnumerable<T>, will that suffice without any FixupCollection<T> stuff?

As an alternative, I could use the POCO template generator but I do not wish to, because my model is quite large and complicated. I will need to keep making changes to the model and will need to keep editing the model class definitions. If I use the POCO template generator, every time I need to regenerate the model for some reason, it will overwrite all my custom changes.

So, is it possible to just have POCO's in the real spirit of their name?

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Yes, of corse it is possible.

FixupCollection class can be used by the POCO classes to keep the opposite ends of a relationships in sync.

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