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I'm a newbie into this .NET Framework using C#. Some sample codes I downloaded don't run. I know that on my side, I can only run application project and not run any library project. What's the difference between those two? And how do I make library run as well?

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Sorry, but this doesn't seem to be the kind of question to ask here. Refer to faq for more information. BTW, I'll try to answer it. – Mohammad Dehghan Dec 16 '12 at 11:18
Just looked at FAQ and I meant to get some fundamental C# and .NET environment straightened out. Wouldn't VS12 be considered a tool commonly used? I tried to read msdn articles before coming here. But thank you for answering nonetheless. – SndLt Dec 16 '12 at 15:26
You probably should start with an elementary book such as Head First C# or C# How to Program or use an online C# Course such as this. – Mohammad Dehghan Dec 16 '12 at 17:20
That is a great link. Code examples followed by descriptions. thank you! – SndLt Dec 16 '12 at 21:49
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A library (Class Library in .NET) is some kind of software that is designed to be reused and can't be run directly. Usually you use the output of a library project (a .dll file) in another library or application. A library has no starting point. So you cannot double click it's file and expect it to start running. It contains classes, written by someone else (or yourself), ready to be used in other softwares.

In contrast, an application Has a starting point (the Main method), so it can be run directly.

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It is not the most accurate possible answer, but simple and correct. – Mohammad Dehghan Dec 16 '12 at 11:41

An application project is a ".exe" file, and a library project is like a ".dll" file. So you can't "run" library directly, instead the library should be referenced by a application project.

Use Project -> Add Reference in an application, then select the library project or browse for the .dll file, and then you can use that library in your application.

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There is no such a thing library project. There is a class library. You can't run a class library only itself. You can add it as a reference to your application project.

How you can add a class library in your application project?

  • In Visual Studio, click Project, and then Add Reference.
  • Click the Browse tab and locate the .dll you want to add a reference to. NOTE: Apparently using Browse is bad form if the DLL you want to use is in the same project. Instead, right-click the Project and then click Add Reference, then select the appropriate class from the Project tab.
  • Ok.

How you can use it in your application project?

Add using [namespace]; to the .cs file where you want to reference your library. So, if the library you want to reference has a namespace called YourLibrary, add the following to the .cs file:

using YourLibrary;
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