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I have a problem in oracle forms. My database is consisting of a main table,table name is (buy_order_customer) which has (b_order_id,customer_id,b_date,b_time).

I'd like to insert the current time automatically in the b_time column, I'm able to insert the current date in the b_date column but I can't do the same with b_time.

Both b_date, and b_time is of type 'date'.

can any one help please? thanks in advance.

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Can you alter your b_time column to TIMESTAMP? Also, what error message do you get? –  BellevueBob Dec 16 '12 at 16:51

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In Oracle DB a DATE datatype always contain both date and time (even if you don't display them.

So, if you inserted the current date into b_date then you already have the current time as well.

Try this:

SELECT to_char(b_date, 'mm-dd-yyyy hh24:mi:ss')
  FROM buy_order_customer

and see that you have the time as well

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I think you mean the initialvalue to fill these fields in a form at runtime. If I'm right then you need one of the following system variables:

$$DATE$$ retrieves the current operating system date (client-side).

$$DATETIME$$ retrieves the current operating system date and time.

$$DBDATE$$ retrieves the current database date.

$$DBDATETIME$$ retrieves the current date and time from the local database.

I don't know any system variable to retrieve only the time. If it is for displaying purposes you need to use dateformat masks on your fields.

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