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In rails I've got a form with remote true in it like so:

<%= form_for(@thing, :html => { :'data-type' => 'json' },  :remote => true ) do |f| %>

And I'm picking up the ajax event in the javascript with this:

$('#new_thing').bind('ajax:complete', function(json, status, xhr){

In the controller I have the line of code to respond to it like this:

respond_to do |format|
  format.json { render :json => @thing }

The problem is the console logged return response from the server isn't a json object, it's status object and the json response is a text string under the property "responseText" which has been escaped.

How do I get the server to respond with just a json object of the @thing?

Is there something wrong in any of the stages in this?


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Try parseJSON(json['responseText']) to get JSON object of servers response. I think you should manually bind Ajax call on form submit event, to get JSON object without conversions in success handler of $.ajax() function

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