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Not been using CF long, but I have hit (an undoubtedly simple) stumbling block dealing with lists.

I have a component called user that has a list property called roles:

property type="List" name="roles"  default="";

(I have set accessors=true so get the setter for free)

Now I want to set the roles as a list, and my understanding (what google tells me) is that initialising lists is just as simple as creating a comma separated string, for example "USER,ADMIN,SUPER" etc.

My problem is, I am trying to set it as a single item list:


and I am getting the error

The roles argument passed to the SETROLES function is not of type List.

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong/what I need to do so CF recognises the single item string as a list?


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Well lists are really just strings with delimiters. What if you change the type to string?

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yes, thanks! I also just saw this question:… Will just do that! – rhinds Dec 16 '12 at 13:26

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