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I have a list called listitems which contains information on items.

I want to separate each list item by a comma and put it in a string called gh

But when I use the following I get the output as :

",a,b" which is incorrect

but I want the output as "a,b".

How can I modify the code ?

foreach(var a in listitems)
  gh = gh +"," + a;
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You can look up into stackoverflow.com/questions/3610431/… –  Mihail Golubev Dec 16 '12 at 13:11

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string gh = String.Join(",", listitems); //
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You can use with String.Join method.

Concatenates the members of a constructed IEnumerable<T> collection of type String, using the specified separator between each member.

string gh = String.Join(",", listitems); 
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