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I am trying to store very simple comments in a wide row, but the problem is that i want to have top comments.

So at first I have tried to use UTF8 comparator type and each column name would begin by likes amount and would be followed by timestamp, for example:

Comments_CF = {
        8_timestamp: comment,
        5_timestamp: comment,
        1_timestamp: comment,

The problem with this approach is that for example 2_timestamp > 19_timestamp because lexicographically 2 is bigger than 19

I could probably store top comments in a separate CF but then i would need to do two queries instead of one so i would really like to avoid that, any suggestions?

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2 queries instead of one is usually not a big deal. You could also just do a composite value(number of likes+the comment) and sort the comments yourself....From stuff I have seen there is never alot of comments except a few posts anyways so that would be very quick.

There are other patterns that might spark ideas here as well...


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In reality i already have in some cases from 2 to 4 other queries done to load some other stuff, so i would like to avoid anything that i don't need. I will definitely look at composite values, thank you. –  Linas Dec 17 '12 at 10:17

Use a composite, where the first component is a long and the second is whatever type is appropriate for your timestamp format. This way the sorting will be correct.

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