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Is there any possible way to debug or run android apps from eclipse to my Sony Tablet S over wifi rather than USB without rooting the device?

There are ways to do it, if the device is rooted. However, I am seeking the solution in a device that is not rooted.

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Unless Sony has published something specific for that device, you are limited to debugging over USB. The only non-rooted devices that support debugging over a network are Google TV devices, AFAIK. –  CommonsWare Dec 16 '12 at 13:33

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  • Disconnect device from usb then tell it to listen on 4455

    adb tcpip 4455

restarting in TCP mode port: 4455

  • connect to the device using a specified ip:port. my device is using wifi

    adb connect

connected to

  • now do normal adb commands over tcp like

    adb shell

  • when your done, you can put it back in USB mode adb usb restarting in USB mode

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After a bit of dabbling with testing I successfully managed to connect a Sony Tablet S over ADB following this procedure, when both the computer and the tablet were on the same wifi network. I used an Xperia T as a tethering point between a laptop and the Tablet S. I followed the same procedure on an Xperia Tablet S and an Xperia S as well.

  1. Connect the Sony Tablet S through USB to a computer, make sure you have ADB debugging enabled on the tablet.
  2. On the computer, execute "adb devices", verifying the tablet is showing up in the list of available devices.
  3. Execute "adb tcpip [port]" while the tablet is connected to the computer, verifying you get a response "restarting in TCP mode port: [port]"
  4. Disconnect from the device from the computer it was connected to.
  5. From a host located on the same wifi network, execute "adb connect [ip to device]:[port]", verifying you get a response "connected to [ip to device]:[port]"

In the end I launched Eclipse, created a test project and tried launching the project. The project installed and launched automatically from Eclipse. I also tested this for debugging and that worked equally well.

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