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i want to make a program which takes a image and makes on it nice effects. the effects is like blur or something like this. and i think i know theoretically how to do it. but i dont know how to get to the image data and practically change it and than save a entirely new image.

i know that every image made of pixels and which one of them have is own color. my question is how can i load the image text source(?) or how can i get the information about the image pixels. then change this information and saved this data as a new image. im using java. Thanks ahead.

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BufferedImage is what you are looking for. You can create BufferedImage instances from reading images from the filesystem (or other locations) using ImageIO

BufferedImage image = ImageIO.read(getClass().getResource("../images/exmaple.jpg"));

// get red/green/blue/alpha value for pixel at position (10,20)
int rgb = image.getRGB(10, 20); 

Changing values can be done using setRGB(). The updated image can then be saved to a file using ImageIO.write().

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Check ImageFilter and subclasses (e.g. BufferedImageFilter). Depending on the required outputformat you might need an external lib to save the image after transforming.

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