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I've bumped up against this before and I need the help of someone smarter than me!

How can I attach an event of an element to a method of a class? More specifically, the same class? Is there a better way?

Using a Qt widget style approach, I've been trying to create self-contained "widget" objects in javascript. I'm using the Prototype javascript framework and building my widget as a class. Then, using Event.observe, I've tried to attach the event to a method of the class. But the Event assignment unbinds the assigned method. Here's an example of a simple table I'm trying to build that has clickable column headers:

 Objectify.Grid.Table = Class.create({
    initialize: function(headers) {
        this.columns = headers;
        this.rows = [];
    addRow: function(GridData) {
        var len = this.rows.push(GridData);
        return len-1;
    getRow: function(rowIndex) {
        return this.rows[rowIndex];
    build: function(parent) {
        this.mainTable = new Element('table',{'class':'Objectify-Grid'});

        var tableBody = new Element('tbody',{});

            var headerRow = new Element('tr',{'class':'Objectify-Grid-header-row'});

                this.columns.each(function(val,id) {
                    var hcell = new Element('td',{'class':'Objectify-Grid-header-cell'}).update(val);
                    // EVENT ASSIGNMENT //

		    this.rows.each(function(GridData,id) {
			    var row = new Element('tr',{'class':'Objectify-Grid-row','id':'Objectify-Grid-row'+id});

				    this.columns.each(function(columnName,index) {
					    var cell = new Element('td',{'class':'Objectify-Grid-cell'}).update(GridData.getValue(columnName));

    respondToClick: function(event) {
	    var columnName = event.element().innerHTML;
	    // "this" is no longer bound in this method
        this.sortColumnAsc(columnName); // [ERROR]
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I think that you should do this :


and the second argument of the "each" method is the object to bind the function to, so you can do this:

array.each(someFunction, this);

instead of

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looks right to me – seengee Sep 7 '09 at 18:26
Thanks Fabien, I should have dug a little deeper in the docs before posting! – DMX Sep 8 '09 at 1:48

I'm not too familiar with Prototype, but what does this refer to in the respondToClick event handler? If I had to guess, I'd say it referred to the clicked DOM element, and not the object instance you wanted.

Perhaps you can assign the grid to a property the DOM element and reuse that property during the respondToClick function, as in:

myDOMElement.someProperty = grid;

//and later

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Thanks Dandres, but "this" I was hoping would refer to the class that the method was a part of. – DMX Sep 7 '09 at 17:26

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