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I'm trying to run testng via command line and I have following things in classpath:

testng jar, jar of compiled test case file. testng.xml points to appropriate class in the hierarchy.

in maven all works fine but when trying to run it from command line:

java -classpath .;C:/dev/farm-controller/tests/testng-6.8.jar org.testng.TestNG "C:/dev/farm-controller/tests/testng.xml"

i get the following error:

[TestNG] [Error] Cannot find class in classpath:

what i am doing wrong ?

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Where r u runnin ur tests from..which dir? – niharika_neo Dec 16 '12 at 15:49

If you are referring to a jar, then you should be putting * instead of . In your classpath or the name of the jar explicitly.

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