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I'm trying to import csv file into mysql database using load data local infile

My csv file looks like this:

3;David;Forgac;57;muz;Hronsky Benadik

table I wanna put this cvs file in looks like this:

   id int(5),
   meno varchar(15),
   priezvisko varchar(15),
   vek int(15),
   pohlavie varchar(15),
   bydlisko varchar(15))

and my query looks like this:

    load data local infile 'dim_zakaznik.csv' into table DIM_zakaznik 
    fields terminated by ';'
    enclosed by '\n'
    lines terminated by '\n';

it works just fine and when I look at that table in phpMyAdmin everything looks OK but my problem is that when I'm trying to run select it's ignoring last column (called 'bydlisko')

for example I try this:

 SELECT * FROM `dim_zakaznik` WHERE `bydlisko`='Topolcany'

and all it does it just says: "MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). ( Query took 0.0184 sec)"

it shouldn't be empty result right? It's not working only with that last column and I have no idea why. When I tried it before with those columns plus I added another one column (that column was last in table) it ignored that other column (that was last column in table)

I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

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If you do a 'select *' is all the data there? What if you do a 'select * from table where bydlisko like 'topolcany'? –  ethrbunny Dec 21 '12 at 23:20

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Do not use "enclosed by '\n'" section in your query, as your fields in CSV are not delimited by '\n'. Try removing that section, then run your query again.

Also, just as a remark, be sure that you don't truncate column data. Last column is 15 chars long. Is that enough for 15-letters word ? (Varchar takes one more byte for length, so there would be necessarily 16 for value "Hronsky Benadik").

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