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Ok, I am having trouble registering OCX files on remote machines using psexec, but think I have figured out where my problem lies.

Basically I have a script that runs the following command


This successfully regsiters CONTROL.OCX and my application works... for administrators.

It does not work if a non administrator is logged on.

After hours of research and help on StackOverflow I have determined the reason is within the registry of the remote machine (WORKSTATION1) the location of the OCX file is stored in a string with the value of:


instead of:


Since normal users do not have access to the administrative share C$ they are unable to run the application that relies on the OCX.

Is there anyway to run REGSVR on the remote machine using PSEXEC and have the script treat C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 as the directory on the remote machine instead of the machine I am running PSEXEC from? That way the OCX would register with the proper path name.


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psexec passes its arguments directly to the remote program.
Passing C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONTROL.OCX should work fine.

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You my friend are absolutely correct. Now I just feel silly. –  TroggleDorf Dec 16 '12 at 16:21

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