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I used many expander in the WPF application.. but I face some troubles:

  • When I try to put them below each others, the upper one expands automatically and makes it difficult to put the net one below it.. So I should separate the upper one in any place until I put the lower one then move back the upper one again. Can I keep expander unexpanded to make it easy to put any controls below it?
  • When I press ctrl+f5 and expand one of them, I see it has a transparent background and makes interruption with the lower ones - how can I avoid that?
  • I used scroll bar inside expander, but it doesn't work when i press ctrl+f5. I have an inactive scroll bar. How can I make link between scroll bar and expander to be able to move items inside expander up and down?

This is a picture to explain what I mean. http://www.4shared.com/photo/iIXKLbnQ/q_online.html

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have a look at ths tutorial, it covers stuff like this, The Expander can be a tricky control to deal with sometimes, but once you understand the the expanders layout it becomes a bit easier.


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thank you for your help –  Hatem Dec 18 '12 at 5:36

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