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I have a JSON representing a graph (also in my case a tree) whi lookx like this:

{"directed": true, "graph": [], 
"nodes": [{"time": 4, "id": 4551308, "name": "Alto da Boa Vista"}, {"time": 7, "id": 4551309, "name": "Sumare"},
"links": [{"source": 0, "target": 36, "weight": 1}, 
{"source": 1, "target": 36, "weight": 1},

In order to use it to build a tree like in this example,, I need to convert this JSON in a hierarchical object with children nodes nested within the parents as illustrated here:

Does D3 have some built-in function to convert from graph to tree? or how would you go about generating a nested tree JSON objetc from graph?

I have the example in this jsFiddle:

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Ok, this is a 2 part answer.

Part 1: D3 does have built in functionality to turn arrays into nested structures. Have a look at the d3.nest() function

This is mostly meant for hierarchical layouts: Cluster, Pack, Partition, Treemap

Part 2: If you are trying to achieve a layout similar to the example you posted then you don't need to do anything to your data. That example uses a force layout which expects a graph. Since the force layout can handle a graph of any shape and a tree is just a graph that adheres to a few constraints you don't need to do any conversion. If the shape of your graph happens to be a tree it will look like a tree.

This should be good enough:

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using force i can get x,y positions but it's not looks like tree it like all nodes comes in random I need to be set them like tree or in some arrangement – Amit Rana Jul 30 '14 at 17:30

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