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I have a custom Grails Environment:

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I must use this custom env instead of the dev env for several reasons during development.

Is there something I can set in Config.groovy for my custom env that will allow saved code changes from my IDE, GGTS(Groovy&Grails Tool Suite), to automatically be pushed to the app which is running locally like it happens in dev.

Currently, after I do a custom run-app and make any changes to the source, those changes are not reflected in my locally running app. I have to restart the server to see the changes.

How do you get an custom Grails environment to perform like the dev environment?

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You can use the --reloading flag, e.g.

grails -Dgrails.env=custom --reloading run-app
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Works like a charm. Thanks so much. –  anataliocs Dec 17 '12 at 14:02
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