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I am having a series of c++ functions to be executed in C++ in one text file

LHAPDF::alphasPDF(pow(1* 0.25471686e+03,0))

How can I parse them in C++ and execute the line ? my C++ knows what LHAPDF::xfx is, I just want to repeatedly execute the lines parsed from the text file.

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and my C++ doesn't know that! –  vines Dec 16 '12 at 19:00
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C++ defines no native idea of data as code, so you must use one of the interpreters or embedd some other interpreter (possibly including one you have written) or give the idea up. –  dmckee Dec 16 '12 at 19:07

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C++ Does not provide and idea of calling function or using code from a separate file read in. Though another idea could be rewording the text file using a keyword then values, and call the function by finding the keyword of the string:

xfx  0.29  1.15  0      //call xfx func
alp  1*0.18014950e+03   //call alphasPDF

somewhere in main.cpp
//Grab the first variable and read into string
//are the first three letters xfx?
    read in the remaining values
    call xfx using the parameters
//else are the first three letters alp?
    read the remaining values into a string(really small values)
    manipulate the string until desired value is reached
    call function
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