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In Google Maps for Android v1, MapView had a convenience method: getMapCenter(). Now I cannot figure out how to get map center with v2 of this api. I have perused the API documentation, but there is no mention of such a feature. Please advise.

Thanks, Igor

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I had the same problem. It seems you can get the center this way:


where mMap is the GoogleMap instance from your activity. This will return a LatLng object which basically represents the center of the map. Note that the GeoPoint class is not anymore available.

According to

target is "The location that the camera is pointing at." (tested it with the sample code and it worked ok for me)

Let me know if this helped you.


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Thanks, I didn't realize that GeoPoint was unavailable in v2. I was gonna use the VisibleRegion object to calculate the middle point between the four corners of the map display. – Igor Ganapolsky Dec 19 '12 at 18:52
It worked.Thanks – Raj Trivedi Jan 30 '14 at 5:29

I have found two ways of do this:

1) The easiest, The first is using the target property in the Map's CameraPosition Object

 LatLng center = mMap.getCameraPosition().target;

2) The second is using a VisibleRegion object:

VisibleRegion visibleRegion = mMap.getProjection()

Point x = mMap.getProjection().toScreenLocation(

Point y = mMap.getProjection().toScreenLocation(

Point centerPoint = new Point(x.x / 2, y.y / 2);

LatLng centerFromPoint = mMap.getProjection().fromScreenLocation(

I have compared both answers:

Log.d("MapFragment: ", "Center From camera: Long: " + center.longitude
                        + " Lat" + center.latitude);

Log.d("Punto x", "x:" + x.x + "y:" + x.y);
Log.d("Punto y", "y:" + y.x + "y:" + y.y);

Log.d("MapFragment: ", "Center From Point: Long: "
                    + centerFromPoint.longitude + " Lat"
                    + centerFromPoint.latitude);
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Option 2 gives a completely different answer for me than option 1. Maybe because I have a transparent Toolbar? Thanks for the tip! – Flyingkiwi Mar 4 at 17:51
so which method is accurate? – Abdullah Shoaib Nov 3 at 5:11

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