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Why i think its malware or some kind of virus is because i have the same installation of opencart with the same theme on my localhost and its working. But on the server i get this error. heres the site if someone could take a look of whats happening: http://www.alevgold.com add a product to cart -> go to checkout page -> Register Account -> Contiune. when u hit Contiune nothing happens and it will generate:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token

in google chrome dev tools. Also some weird stuff happen when u go to cart: It will popup a window with: Page at www.alvegold.com says: Not Found Not Found. I never say something like this!

Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Not sure whether a JavaScript error is really malware, but I don't think people will go to an infected website. –  pimvdb Dec 16 '12 at 19:02
The error message is a result of an ajax call that is expecting JSON, but receiving HTML, and the console is in christmas mode, as it's all red when you visit that page, and it's not malware, it's developer error. –  adeneo Dec 16 '12 at 19:04

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First of all you should have shown us some code. Second, the problem is here:

success: function(html) {
            $('.warning, .error').remove();

                    html = escape(html);

            $('#payment-address .checkout-content').html(html);

            $('#checkout .checkout-content').slideUp('slow');

            $('#payment-address .checkout-content').slideDown('slow');

            $('.checkout-heading a').remove();

            $('#checkout .checkout-heading').append('<a>Modify &raquo;</a>');

If you escape the html string you receive as a response it will work. That means there is a problem with the content of the response.

I also suggest using templates and not sending javascript code via ajax.

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it's not a malware or anything, it's just an error. I usually get this when I'm trying to $.parseJSON() an Ajax response, but it fails because my PHP script gave an error for some reason.

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