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I have some datas that I need to display.

Because I use python, a quick search told me that matplotlib is the best solution.

I looked at the docs, but i can only find information on how to plot a function f(x,y) = t.

My problem is coming when you add a fourth dimension.

I have four arrays of data. The last dimension can be display with color informations.

I started doing this : def f(x,y,z): #compute the function return t

x : np.arange(1,9,1)
y : np.arange(1,9,1)
z : np.arange(1,9,1)

then I create my data structure containing the f(x,y,z) for all x,y,z

But then how should I display it ?

Thanks in advance,


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Actually I think it is more related to a question I had myself, see stackoverflow.com/questions/13432492/… and the comments. The accepted answer is problematic in part because of the interpolation implementation and also because, I believe, of matplotlib limitations. –  mmgp Dec 16 '12 at 20:34

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If the t is a given constant number, then see here.

If the t is another parameter, then this question is actually that what the 4D world would look like. Let me know if you mean that.

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I confirm: if t is also a variable, you are in the 4D world.. I'm working in computational fluid dynamics and I deal with this everyday: dedicated visualization software (like open source one Paraview) would give you more possibilities than matplotlib... –  Remy F Dec 17 '12 at 12:46

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