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I need some way to copy and save a website for "offline use" using php or linux command line. Much like saving the link with the browser, it rewrites the images tags and downloads them.

The problem is when I find a solution to a problem I have I usually save the link somewhere. The problem that comes with that is that some times the links die, so I can't access them any more.

So what I was thinking is create a tool that saves the page for me, on my server and use that url.

I know how to use file_get_contents to get the text/html, and that works most of the times, But i thought since I am creating a tool make it download images too. I thought saving it with the browser and uploading it, but I want a cleaner way to do this.

If someone knows some library or something that does that please help me.

Thanks !

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You should look into the cURL library which probably is what you're looking for.

A basic example is specified in the docs aswell.

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Not what I want – Nikos Dec 16 '12 at 20:17

You might want to check out wget if its available on your web server because it has some very useful options. One of them is the option to make offline copies of website with link translations in order for the web site to be usable locally.

wget --domains --recursive --html-extension --page-requisites --convert-links

If you are trying to create an offline copy of a subfolder (lets say then add --no-parent in order to prevent wget from scrapping parent folders.

You can run the scrapping process itself either through a bash script or call it via PHP with exec().

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You might consider using this:

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if i involve windows in the middle of the prosess i can use the browser – Nikos Dec 16 '12 at 20:40
This is more a comment than an answer. – hakre Dec 16 '12 at 22:24

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