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I am using Android Annotation in my project and trying to send POST request through following code, however there is something wrong in following code as I am not getting response as expected:

@Rest(rootUrl = "http://xyz.com", converters = {GsonHttpMessageConverter.class})
public interface A {

    public Object attemptLogin(Map data);

Where data is (key, value) pair. Is there anything I am missing perhaps Do I have to set request-header or data should not be JSON?

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You really need to provide more information. What response are you expecting? Does the data ever get to the server? What does it look like? etc, etc. –  Nikolay Elenkov Dec 17 '12 at 3:48

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I found the solution from Rest client using Android-Annotations.

Like the GET requests, it is extremely simple to send POST requests using Android-Annotations. One difference is that you need to define the parameters that you are going to send as a custom class (e.g. Event class in the example below) or if you want to control this dynamically, then a Map (e.g. a MultiValueMap). The url for the request can still be constructed in a similar fashion using the variables enclosed inside {...} and the response can be handled similarly as in GET requests.

void addEvent(Event event);

void addEventById(Event event, long id);

Object authenticateEventData(MultiValueMap data);
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I only got this fully working right when I used a LinkedMultiValueMap<String, String> object as in the docs (github.com/excilys/androidannotations/wiki/Rest%20API#post), but thanks for the start. –  JimJty Jan 6 at 19:17

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