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So I have a gallery of photos looking like this:

<div id="gallery">
  <a href="thumb1.jpg" class="fancybox">
    <img class="item"  src="thumb1.jpg">

I initialise fancybox on my image links like so...

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

...but nothing happens - clicking the images in my gallery simply links to the href'd image.

I get no errors from the Chrome console, and jQuery('.fancybox') correctly selects all my <a> elements.

Any ideas why fancybox seemingly does not work?

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Check that the .fancybox method exists on the jQuery object; you may be importing the plugin incorrectly. If it doesn't, make sure you include <script> tags to reference the correct location. –  nbrooks Dec 16 '12 at 20:16
fancybox is present in the __proto__ of the object returned by jQuery('.fancybox'), so I believe the plugin is imported alright. –  Karl Barker Dec 16 '12 at 20:20
Which version of FancyBox? This old one or this new one? A lot was changed between versions. –  Sparky Dec 16 '12 at 23:33
@Sparky Versions got me thinking about my jQuery version, which it turns out was too low (1.4.4). Updated to 1.8.2 and now it works. Cheers! –  Karl Barker Dec 17 '12 at 2:35

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Make sure you're using the latest versions of FancyBox and jQuery.

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@KarlBarker : ironically I suggested you to load the latest version of jQuery in the point No.1 of my answer 5 hours ago (the attached fiddle also loads the latest version)... well, such is life. –  JFK Dec 17 '12 at 4:51

Your check list (load the files in this order) :

  1. Load jQuery js file first. Make sure you have a single instance of this file, ideally the latest version (some other plugins include a version of jQuery that is loaded when the plugin is installed)

  2. Load your fancybox's js and css files. Check that the (full) paths are correct (if you explore the source code and click on the links of those files, you should see the source script, otherwise the html of an error 404 page).

  3. Load your custom fancybox script. Also check that all your <script> tags are inside of either, the <head> or the <body> tags (I have seen some code where the scripts are in between)

  4. Last, check that your document has a proper DOCTYPE. Also check for syntax errors and tags not properly closed.

See a full example with the same initialization as in your code above.

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