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Possible Duplicate:
How to make a page redirect using Javascript?

i have an HTML pages i want to use to redirect from one page to another like response.redirect in ASP.Net. i think i must use JavaScript.

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<input type="button" onclick="document.location.href = ''" />

or without JS

<form action="/contact.html">
    <input type="submit">
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Very nice solution for a non javascript implementation. +1 – Travis J Dec 16 '12 at 20:33

In JavaScript you can do:


or on HTML button do this:

<input type="button" onclick="document.location=''" />
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i want to navigate thru pages in the same site for example from index.html to Contact.html – Moutasim Momani Dec 16 '12 at 20:25
Then use relative url eg: /Contact.html – Gurpreet Singh Dec 16 '12 at 20:27

onclick="document.location.href = ''"


onclick="window.location = ''"

Should work fine if you add it into your tag, replacing google with your desired address of course.

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Or you could use a link styled as a button. If the only thing that button does is redirects to other page, then you should use a link, it would be semantically better.

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