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Starting with Mac OS X 10.7, new NSDocument windows as well as alert windows open with an animation. Windows opened with NSWindowController's showWindow: method, however, get no animation.

Is there a way for these windows to get the same animation?

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You can define how a window opens.

In the Interface Inspector under Animation you can choose Document Window Style, and you should get the same behaviour.

Or in code:

[self.window setAnimationBehavior:NSWindowAnimationBehaviorDocumentWindow];

Here all the behaviours you can use

enum {
    NSWindowAnimationBehaviorDefault = 0,       // let AppKit infer animation behavior for this window
    NSWindowAnimationBehaviorNone = 2,          // suppress inferred animations (don't animate)

    NSWindowAnimationBehaviorDocumentWindow = 3,
    NSWindowAnimationBehaviorUtilityWindow = 4,
    NSWindowAnimationBehaviorAlertPanel = 5
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That's it, thanks! –  tajmahal Dec 16 '12 at 20:48

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