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I need help writing a JavaScript that will search for the first instance of a paragraph style in each text box and then replace it with another paragraph style. If there's a way to do that with a grep, that'd be good too. Any ideas?


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What have you found/tried so far? – Jon Clements Dec 16 '12 at 21:08
Hey, please show us what you have tried. We will not create a script for you. All we can do is help you improve what you have or push you in the right direction. – Jelmer Dec 16 '12 at 21:09

Some work points you should face developing this

  • 1st all the script inherits the Application class.

  • get the page you are working on - class Page

  • Get all the pageItems - ItemPage or PageItem (I don't remember now)

  • Loop through pageItems and get all the textframes within the document - TextFrame Class

  • Using a loop get from all the textframes the first paragraph. something like


    • Put the paragraph in a variable, use the documentation on the script and change the desired styles

A good reading reference for you

Jongware page

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