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I would like to add a suffix to the JAR file created by Maven within Jenkins. The file generated by Maven is called CommandsEX-*.jar, the asterisk is where the version number is. It is easy to simply rename this in Shell/Bash by doing:

mv target/CommandsEX-*.jar target/CommandsEX-random-name.jar

However the filename will can change, currently it is CommandsEX-2.0.jar. So basically is there a way to get the current file name of a file that you are changing the name of when doing using mv, or maybe another way entirely.

I would use this to add a suffix which would be the $BUILD_ID from Jenkins.

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You can do this in Maven by specifiying a classifier.


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I'm new to Maven & Jenkins, how exactly would I use the classifier to accomplish this? –  iKeirNez Dec 17 '12 at 19:36

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