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I'm new to R so I ask for your help. Say I have the following matrix.

mat <- matrix(c(2,4,2,8, 1,4,11,9), 4)
dimnames(mat)[[2]] <- c("x", "y")
dimnames(mat)[[1]] <- c("a", "b", "c", "d")
  x y
a 2 1
b 4 4
c 2 11
d 8 9

I want to basically filter the matrix so that the new matrix only contains rows that only have an average value of 5 or higher. So in "mat", rows "a" and "b" would not meet this criteria and be deleted, and the new matrix would be as shown below. Any help would be appreciated!

  x y
c 2 11
d 8 9
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mat[ rowMeans(mat) < 5 , ]   # rowMeans is much faster than the apply method
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For the original question, you want to select rows which have a minimum value of >= 5. apply with min will find the minimum of each row, to use for the selection. Note that the matrix used no longer matches the question.

> mat1[apply(mat1, 1, min) >= 5,,drop=FALSE]
  x y
c 7 8

For the edited question, using the average:

> mat[apply(mat, 1, mean) >= 5,,drop=FALSE]
  x  y
c 2 11
d 8  9
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Instead of minimum, what about finding the average? I've changed "min" to "avg" and "average" with no luck edit: you beat me to it. Thank you! – Stephen Dec 16 '12 at 21:35
Edited. You want the function mean. – Matthew Lundberg Dec 16 '12 at 21:35

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