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I've made a Facebook app which works perfectly, so now I'm trying to setup a mobile app. I use this code with is described in the docs to check if the user is logged in or not, and if the user is logged in pass the information forward. Here is the code i'm using:


// Include facebook PHP SDK

// Configure the facebook object
$config = array();
$config['appId'] = 'APP_ID';
$config['secret'] = 'APP_SECRET';
$config['cookie'] = true;
$config['fileUpload'] = true;

$app_id = 'APP_ID';
$canvas_page = "https://hadadmin.yourwebhosting.com/mixit/mobile/";

     $location = "https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?client_id=" 
        . $app_id . "&redirect_uri=" . urlencode($canvas_page) . "&scope=publish_stream,email,create_event,rsvp_event,user_events,friends_events";

    // initialize the facebook oject
  $facebook = new Facebook($config);

    // Get Facebook User
    $fbID = $facebook->getUser();

    // Get the current access token
    $access_token = $facebook->getAccessToken();

    // check if we have valid user
if ($fbID) {
    try {
        // Proceed knowing you have a logged in user who's authenticated.
        $fb_user_profile = $facebook->api('/me');   

    } catch (FacebookApiException $e) {
        $fbID = NULL;
        // seems we don't have enough permissions
        // we use javascript to redirect user instead of header() due to Facebook bug
        print '<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> top.location.href="'. $location .'"; </script>';

        // kill the code so nothing else will happen before user gives us permissions

} else {
    // seems our user hasn't logged in, redirect him to a FB login page

print '<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> top.location.href="'. $location .'"; </script>';

  // kill the code so nothing else will happen before user gives us permissions

I've searched all over but none of the solutions to similar problems are working (i.e. getUser returns 0) getUser is returning 0 like in the other posts, but like I said it works fine when I don't use the mobile site, apps.facebook.com/MYAPP and https://hadadmin.yourwebhosting.com/mixit/ is also working. Sorry to write so much I just want to make sure I give all the info. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Robert

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getUser use cookie setup by the javascript SDK or via the signed_request (for canvas and page tab).

As you're on a mobile site and if it's the first user connection, you'll have no cookie, and obvisously no signed_request. So you need to setup the Facebook connection using the javascript SDK by settings status to true in the init method, or by calling getLoginStatus. Then, you can request your server (the cookie will be send with any ajax request on the same domain).

after edit: From what I see, you have trouble with cross-domain communication here. Be sure to setup facebook correctly with a valid channel file. For IE, setup P3P headers, that will help a lot. For Safari, that's a hell of a job, but google "cross-domain communication" and you'll find a lot of solutions. But these shouldn't be necessary if Facebook SDKs are setup correctly.

Hope this help!

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that didn't work :(. Also, it's worth mentioning that the mobile site also works in google chrome, but not in safari (normal or ios 4.3) and not in IE9 –  RobertH Dec 16 '12 at 22:30
Well, without more detail on your side, it's hard to give you more on mine. Read this question, there's a lot more detailed explanation of how to implement correctly FB authentification: stackoverflow.com/questions/13351235/… –  Simon Boudrias Dec 17 '12 at 1:09
About Safari and IE9, they're both hard on cross-domain communication. So you have to setup things correctly to get them working with FB communication. Be sure to setup correctly your channel file for FB. For IE, you can send P3P headers to allow easy cross-domain communication, for Safari it's a hell of a job, but by settings FB correctly, it should work just fine (else, google "cross-domain communication" to get a lot of information at this subject) –  Simon Boudrias Dec 17 '12 at 1:13
You were right, my php-sdk formation was wrong, and I needed the login button as my mobile site isn't in iframe on facebook. It's working now. Thank you :) –  RobertH Dec 17 '12 at 8:13
This is the only answer really working. No other explained you MUST first use the JS api before using PHP SDK! –  Marco Marsala Nov 26 '13 at 20:46

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