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Is it possible to generate the url for the form submit based off of the values in the form? I am trying to create a search form that asks for the make and model

<% form_tag make_model_search_path(:client_id => do %>
<%= select_tag :make, options_for_select(make_list) %>
<%= select_tag :model, options_for_select(model_list) %>
<%= submit_tag "Search" %>
<% end %>

The route I want to use is the following to display the results

map.make_model_search "client/:client_id/tags/search/make/:make/model/:model", :controller => "tags", :action => "make_model_search", :method => :get

But since the URL is generated before any parameters are sent I do not know how to do this

The reason I want it to be done this way is because I need to add pagination to this eventually by appending "page/:page" to this route.

If this is not possible. I also do not understand why the params are not in the the url as


It it my understanding that this will allow me to do the same thing

Thank YOU!

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I also do not understand why the params are not in the the url as


It it my understanding that this will allow me to do the same thing

From the documentation for form_tag:

The method for the form defaults to POST.

You need to add :method => "get" to your form_tag options if you want to have the options passed in the query string.

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That makes sense. I thought since I had the method in my route that it would automatically do that. Thank you! – stellard Sep 7 '09 at 20:06

Using the "client/:client_id/tags/search/" is mostly the REST approach that Rails uses for working with your routes. In that view, you are accessing representations of resources (say, a client).

The "?client_id=ID" way is just sending some params.

So, in the first case, you are explicitly asking for a representation of a client, while on the second one you are never sure what's going on. It's a simpler way of expressing and requesting information.

Now, in your question, I think you are talking about the second case. If you do want to append the params using a GET statement (since the form will default to POST), you can add a method param:

form_tag make_model_search_path(:client_id =>, :method => "get"

As a side note, I think you are over complicating your route. If you just want to use params, you could just work with something like

"client/:client_id/search/", :controller => "tags", :action => "make_model_search", :method => :get

Your params (:model, :make) will be available in your controllers and if you want to use pagination (checkout the will_paginate plugin) it will work fine.

Good luck!

BTW, the routes are not actually generated before. The "/:client_id/", "/:make" and others act as placeholders that the route engine will use to check if some route responds to a typed URL and execute it after assigning the variables according.

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