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Running "cimport cython" or "cimport numpy" in Python interpreter results in the following error:

cimport cython File "", line 1 cimport cython ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Is it environment variables path problem? Or is it not supposed to be run in the interpreter? Please, help. I spent several days trying to get rid of the error. (By the way, I do not get an error when compiling .pyx files that use "cimport numpy"...) Thank you! Oleg

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Cython is a superset of the Python language; it is not a Python module. It has a very similar syntax to Python, but adds additional syntax and functionality that is not compatible with standard Python interpreters, such as CPython (which is probably what you're using). Cython produces C or C++ code that can be compiled into a module that can be imported into CPython.

You need to compile your Cython program before you run it. See the documentation here:

Once you have compiled your module, you don't need to cimport it - just do a regular import. The cimport command is not recognised by CPython, hence your SyntaxError.

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