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My Windows Store app/Metro/Win RT app downloads image from server on to some local folder. I need to bind Image control to the downloaded image at runtime.

The problem is that image doesn't show up unless I add it as a binary resource to the project.

My downloaded images are stored in ProjectFolder/Data/Media. Now, here is how I bind image source to image control.

<Image x:Name="WriterImage"  Stretch="None" Source="{Binding Path=PersonData.Photo.MediaImageSource"></Image>

public ImageSource MediaImageSource
    // Here _MediaUrl gets a value: ms-appx:///Data/Media/Writer1.jpg   
    BitmapImage source = new BitmapImage(new Uri(_MediaUrl));


This works only if I add Writer1.jpg as a resource to the project. If I remove it from the project, it doesn't show up.

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Note that there are different URL schemes that your application can access:

ms-appx:/// is a read-only location, and refers to files that are included (compiled) with your application, such as resources.

ms-appdata:///local/ refers to local read-write storage for your application. If you are downloading files, my guess is that you should use this URL scheme.

For your example above, I would try using the following URL:


See the following for more info about URL (URI) schemes:

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