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i'am using Eclipse and two monitors. My Laptos's screen is not enough big to show Console tap. Is there a way for showing Console Tab at different monitor screen?


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To change the location of a view in the current perspective:

  1. Drag the view by its title bar. Do not release the left mouse button yet.
  2. As you move the view around the Workbench, the mouse pointer changes to one of the drop cursors shown in the table below. The drop cursor indicates where the view will be docked if you release the left mouse button. To see the drop cursor change, drag the view over the left, right, top, or bottom border of another view or editor. You may also drag the view outside of the Workbench area to turn it into a "Detached" view.
  3. When the view is in the location that you want, relative to the view or editor area underneath the drop cursor, release the left mouse button.

You can also move a view by using the pop-up menu for the view. (Left-click on the icon at the left end of the view's title bar, or right-click anywhere else in the view's title bar). As well as moving the view this menu will provide sortcut options for turning a view into either a "Fast" or "Detached" view

enter image description here

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Yes, you can. You can drag the Console tap out of Eclipse workbench window. Then the view is detached from the workbench window. After the view is detached, you can move it to the other monitor screen.

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Thanks a lot. It is very easy :) – hakkikonu Dec 16 '12 at 23:23

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